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EPI. 7: Let's Talk Hoya Pests.. the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Have you had pests? Currently battling them on your Hoya or wanting to know what to do to prevent them? We've got you covered! In this second part of our Hoya care series, we go over how to make this task as least daunting as possible. Listen as Adam, Lydia and Jessi dive deep into all things pests.. the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Good bugs from Nature's Good Guys!

Predatory good bugs are beneficial against various pests and is a great passive approach to pest management.

Not sure which specific predatory mite will work for you? Try the Special Blend, a mix of adult mites that target different pests and can handle various growing environments.

Prefer a slow release approach to releasing predatory mites? Two great generalist mites for pest control are:

1. Neoseiulus Calfornicus which can tolerate growing environments of 43-115F and 40-80% humidity.

2. Amblyseius Cucumeris which can tolerate growing environments of 43-90F and 65-75% humidity


Looking for more information on the 'IT' pest of 2022: flat mites?

Wondering where to find some of the control and preventative measures we discussed like sulfur fungicide and PureCrop1?

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