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EPI. 6: Let's Talk Substrate and Nutrients

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

This episode kicks off our 3 part Hoya care series! We have been getting a lot of requests from listeners for in depth information, so here we go! Listen as Jessi, Adam and Lydia go over all the details on Hoya substrate and fertilization. Unsure of your nutrient routine or a new substrate you want to try? This episode is for you!

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pH balancing your nutrient solution is crucial for nutrient availability to your Hoya! We talked about aiming for 5.5 pH after your nutrients have been added. Overtime, the solution in the substrate becomes alkaline, resulting in your plants obtaining all of the nutrients needed.

Make your own DIY PON!

  • 1 part lava rock

  • 1 part pumice

  • 1/2 part zeolite

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